World Pipe Band Championships Recap

Hi everyone.  I thought it would be good to do a small recap of the world pipe band championships.


I think this must have been the earliest we have EVER played at the competition with our juvenile band performing at 8:52am.  However, we took the positives from it and looked at it as a chance to perform without ‘getting into our own heads’.  We hadn’t been there for a few hours (As we may have been at previous contests) and didn’t have enough time to allow too  many nerves set in.  There weren’t the large crowds that there were later on in the day, so we had the chance to go out and play and perhaps enjoy the performance a bit more.  We put on a solid performance however we came 8th out of a field of 8 performers.  The band is always improving and are a strong unit within a grade containing the best under 18 pipe bands in the world!  We are looking forward to working through the Winter pre-season with a new approach and a fresh repertoire of music to hopefully make an impression on the juvenile grade in 2019.


Our novice band were drawn to play at 9:56am.  We had an extremely successful outing the previous week at North Berwick where our novice band had won everything possible to win at the contest!  This showed everyone in the band that if we put on as solid a performance as we done that we can beat anyone in the grade.  So, we knew what we needed to do.  We went there optimistic but also very realistic about the day.  The band came 9th overall out of a field of 19 bands.  This was a fair placing after a nervy performance from the band.  The band also prepares to say goodbye to Hannah Yorkston who has been looking after the novice band drum corps during her drumming internship.  There were a lot of photos taken of Hannah with the corps who all look u to her as an inspiration, especially since she came through the PL Pipe Band system and has achieved so much during her time.  The band is now going to begin preparations for the 2019 season by working on a new MSR to allow the band to compete in the Novice A contests at minor competitions.  The band will also work on a medley of music to enhance their individual ability and to perform at various events in the calendar.


Everyone had a good day and know what went wrong in term of the results.  It was brilliant to see both bands enjoying the day together with the older members as always being the inspiration to the younger members.

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